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Software Development

At CCS, we offer variety of software development. From database design to fluctuated stock market analysis, we develop and provide best solution possible for your business with in-depth research, hands-on experiences, dedication and professionalism. Here are some of the examples of what we developed at CCS.

Joomla! Module

  • Cloud Worship components – includes database managing function which help organizing data such as announcement information, members’ attendance and articles sharing. Provide module to view and organize date with peace in mind.
  • Real-time translator for  website contents – the website will auto detect the language that user is using and switch to corresponding language.
  • K2 plugin for authorization – enhance categories of contents and types of authorities that have access to manage each category in K2 management interface. Each manager has access to only their responsive category of data when using the interface to do content management.

Data Mining

  • Data mining software development involving algorithm; for instance, Association, Clustering, Decision Tree, and Time Series.
  • Data mining analyzing tools.

Factory Yield Rate Analysis

  • Product monitoring system – design mathematic model to analyze large quantity of yielding data and analysis. To make real-time production monitoring possible and increase better yield rate.
  • Machine monitoring system – customized design according to each machine’s function, and develops a plug-in module in accordance to monitor the productivity of each machine.

Stock Marketing Analyzing Tools

  • Provides 12 types of technical indicator analysis.
  • Includes data mining algorithm to analyze historical data.
  • Users may customize or modify the formula or algorithm for system to generate a list of stocks that match the criteria.

JoomlaWatch Agent

Realtime website traffic tracker, online visitor stats and hit counter

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