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Website Development & Design

In the era where everything goes digitized, establishing an exclusive website for the company has become an essential mean of advertisement for many businesses.

At CCS, we build and design websites with the client’s needs in mind. We use Content Management System for website development, a system which is easy to learn and convenient to use where users may update their web page contents with ease.

Whether it is a static or dynamic website or a web page for E-commerce, CCS helps personalized a web page that addresses the client’s needs and presents the company’s professional image. We also provide complete software training and maintenance service to help clients get started with their new website.

Standard Webpage Design includes:

  • A template-based website
  • Up to 6 pages of content layouts
  • MetaTag keyword
  • Social network hyperlinks

Advanced Webpage Design includes:

  • A template-based website with minor customization
  • Banners and bookmark icon design
  • Up to 15 pages of content layouts
  • Contact form
  • Photo gallery
  • Off the shelf content Manager
  • MetaTag keyword
  • Social network hyperlinks
  • User training

E-Commerce Webpage Design includes:

  • ALL the features in Advanced Webpage Design, plus
  • Membership management
  • Email auto-reply system
  • Shopping cart
  • Credit cards / PayPal payment mechanism
  • Custom content manager
  • Database reports 


  • Simplified webpage management
  • Convenient webpage updating
  • Experienced graphic designer designs and creates webpage layout that best represents clients’ professional images
  • Custom-made church software
  • Diversified products and services suitable for businesses of any form, even for home businesses
  • Publish the web site in testing zone for client to try out; make adjustment accordingly when needed.

Websites Development Procedures:

  • Understand client’s thoughts and needs, including company’s image and business goals.
  • Collect relevant information according to client’s needs, and draft the functions needed on the webpage as well as webpage layout.
  • Discuss draft with client, make adjustment accordingly, and then sign the contract once agreement is met.
  • Provide webpage layout and design for client and make adjustment according to the client’s requests and interests.
  • Website developing and designing.
  • Publish the web site in testing zone for client to try out; make adjustment accordingly when needed.
  • Transfer the finished product to client’s official site once the development has come to an end.
  • Provide fundamental system operation tutorials or custom-made system maintenance training sessions for client.

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